On The Fringe Ravers


On The Fringe is the brainchild of rebel and raver Anne.C.Imakumbili. From the flashing lights of Ultra, to the rainbow confetti of Tommorowland, the line of glitters takes inspiration from the colorful, eclectic and always eccentric world of dance and EDM.

Hand mixed in London, On The Fringe Ravers will officially go on sale, December 1st 2018.

Far from just another cosmetics line, On The Fringe is also dedicated to supporting causes that work towards women's liberation. From period poverty, to reproductive rights, we are not a brand that shy's away from the real issues that effect women and girls. 

We encourage women to be their most authentic selves and part of that includes working towards a society that gives them the freedom to do so, in every area of life - not just the dance floor. 

Please check back in December for more information about our philanthropic efforts and who we will be working with.  

Rave culture bases it's values on what's often referred to as PLUR - Peace.Love.Unity.Respect. These core values are the back bone of our brand. Express yourself, be yourself, join the Fringe and discover who you can truly become.